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May 2017


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“Our partnership with NMGC has lasted for more than two decades.  They have met or exceeded our expectations at every turn, going the extra mile when needed to make challenging deadlines or difficult jobs possible.  They are consistent performers in a competitive industry.  We always know we can count on them.”
President/CEO, Major Direct Mail Agency

“We are very pleased with the quality of the envelopes and service that we receive from National Mail Graphics. During our 30 year business relationship National Mail Graphics has consistently provided envelopes that meet or exceed our requirements. National Mail Graphics is very customer focused and routinely provides quality materials at a competitive price and on time. If you have an opportunity to work with Bill Stewart’s team at National Mail Graphics you will not be disappointed.”
Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, Leading Health Insurance Carrier

“NMG’s service and reliability to deliver our printed package inserts has helped streamline the job responsibilities of our production team, and given them piece of mind.”
Director of Print Services, Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

“In an industry that has changes dramatically to servicing the client as quicker than ever thought possible, which at times could be the next day; NMG has helped provided our materials on time and been a valuable partner in helping a leading insurance company stay ahead of the curve.”
Product Manager, Large National Insurance Company

Our Core Values

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For more than thirty years we have remained committed to excellence in everything we do.  Many of our employees and customers have been with us for over twenty years.  Whether we are printing in-house or managing our network of industry partners on your behalf, we bring a demand for precision and personal attention to each and every project.   Our primary objective day-in and day-out is to come through for you with flying colors.  That is why you hire us, and it is the only way we know how to work.


In this business, a missed deadline is a lost opportunity and can put a precious customer relationship at risk. So we don’t make promises we can’t keep.   That simple rule has been at the heart of our culture since the day we opened our doors in 1982.   But great service goes well beyond delivery schedules.   It is about adding value – in the form of responsiveness, creative suggestions, process improvement, open communication and doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.  At NMG, great service means giving customers everything they expect – and then surprising them with more.


When you become our customer, you instantly inherit thirty years of industry experience. We’ll make sure your project is completed in the most efficient and economical way possible.  We will troubleshoot to solve potential problems before they surface, and we will update you as important production milestones are met.   We go the distance for you because lasting relationships are more important to us than making a fast buck. And because true partnership is based on trust and transparency. 

You will like the way we work – you have our word on that. 

About Us

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NMG has been innovating for its clients since 1982. Originally named National Mail Graphics by its founder John Sikorski, the Philadelphia-based company was established as an envelope and direct mail printer to serve the unique needs of large direct mail advertisers and their agencies throughout the Northeast Corridor.

As NMG expanded its presence in key vertical markets, including insurance, banking, healthcare and the non-profit sector, the leadership team made a commitment to keep pace with industry trends and technology,. Strategic acquisition of web presses and bindery equipment, accompanied by advances in project management and client services, enable NMG to implement the full spectrum of integrated print solutions required by b-to-b and b-to-c marketers. In 2015 NMG also launched ThePIPrinter.com, an online portal dedicated to streamlining package insert printing for pharmaceutical companies.

NMG’s long-term client relationships and diverse portfolio of products and services are a testament to the excellence and quality it continues to provide after 30 years. The NMG family dedicates the next 30 years to John Sikorski, who passed away in 2012.


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Contact NMG today to discuss your
objectives and requirements in these additional areas:

Presentation Folders
Banners and Signs
Trade Show Displays
Online Ordering
Coupons and Inserts
Specialty Products
Graphic Design

Our commitment to being an end-to-end supplier for our customers has enabled us to continually expand our product and service offering.  Our internal production team and project managers oversee the smooth execution of diverse marketing projects and programs.  Test us out by sharing the details of your project with us.  In the process, you will experience the insight and precision that NMG clients have been benefitting from for more than thirty years.

Envelope FAQs

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Many businesses find the use of business reply envelopes to be of great value in obtaining fast and convenient replies, orders, or payments from customers. Following is a condensation of postal regulations governing the use of business reply envelopes:

  1. An annual permit fee ($85.00) must be paid on a yearly basis. When fee is paid, user will be assigned a Permit No. which must be printed on all business reply mail envelopes (see illustration).
  2. Facing Identification Marks (FIM Marks) must be printed in a prescribed location on all business reply envelopes (see illustration).
  3. The postal service will upon request provide customers with a unique bar code for identifying business reply envelopes with the new 9-digit Zip Code.
  4. A surcharge of 44c per piece plus first-class postage is made on each business reply envelope delivered. If envelopes do not meet the “letter-mail” size standards, an additional 11c surcharge is made.
  5. If a user expects to receive more than 625 pieces of business reply mail within each calendar year, then it would be wise to establish an advance trust account with his post office ($205 annual fee). This reduces the per-piece postage surcharge from 44c to 10c.
  6. The BRMAS System (Business Reply Mail Accounting System) enables a user to further reduce the per-piece postal surcharge from 10c to 2c if the following requirements are met:
    1. Mailer must submit a letter to his local Postmaster requesting to participate in the BRMAS program;
    2. Mailer must submit two pre-production sample BRM pieces showing the proper ZIP +4 codes, barcodes, and other BRMAS required markings;
    3. Payment of an annual permit and accounting fee of $205

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A standard diagonal seam envelope is the most common style envelope in use today. Its parts are basically the same regardless of its size or name. The corners, flaps, shoulders, throat, seal and seams may vary slightly in size, curvature or shape in different makes and models.

To help you understand the terms used by envelope manufacturers, we have illustrated a basic diagonal seam envelope showing the most common terms applied to its parts. These terms are used regardless of its style diagonal, side or center seam open end or open side.

In the glossary you will find additional terms defined that will help you know envelopes better. We hope you will take a few minutes of your valuable time to read and become familiar with them.
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Selecting the right envelope for each type of mailing and using it effectively need not be difficult. Required is only a basic understanding of envelope construction, paper, and graphics. Immediate considerations include: the size and content of the material involved, how it is to be mailed, how the postage will be paid, and whether a reply is desired. To make an informed selection, be guided by the following criteria.

Enclosures Envelope Styles
Personal Letters Bond or White Wove, Commercial and Official (Regular and Self-Seal)
Processed Letters and Circulars Bond, White Wove, Colored Wove, Manila, Commercial and Official
Broadsides Booklet Envelopes, Flat Mailers, Open Ends (Regular and Self-Seal)
Booklets Booklet Envelopes, Clasp, String and Button, Open Ends (Regular and Self-Seal)
Magazines Booklet Envelopes, Open Ends, Clasp
Catalogs Clasp, String and Button, Open Ends (Regular and Self-Seal)
Reply Envelopes Colored Wove, Commercial and Official

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Where a particular enclosure need exists, or when a routine job requires special handling, a custom envelope may be indicated. Or perhaps choosing one of a dozen specialized envelopes would be more suitable. For a completely new design, or the adaptation of an existing envelope, there is virtually no limit to the variety of styles that can be produced in any size for any purpose. In addition to standard envelopes, most converters usually have hundreds of non-standard dies on file which are adaptable to new applications at surprisingly little cost.
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  • Business Mailer
  • Drive-In Banking
  • File-Velope
  • Squares
  • Jumbo
    • Hitch-Hiker #1 and #2
    • Latex Seal
    • M-1 Coupon
    • Peel n’ Seel
    • Flip n’ Stic

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Here are some of the most widely used terms in the envelope industry. It is recommended you familiarize yourself with these terms so that you may better understand their connection with envelopes.


    A style of envelope that has a large pointed seal flap. This style envelope is usually close to being square; however, the flap and paper used are the most distinguishing features. The most common present usage is for greeting cards or social stationery. The name Baronial is derived from “baron” which signifies a high social standing.


    These two envelopes can be any style or size. The distinct difference between them is – “Who pays the postage?” Business REPLY is referred to as the envelope that has a pre-printed First-Class Permit and return address on it and the original sender pays for its return. The Business RETURN has a pre-printed return address but the individual returning the envelope must apply postage. The most commonly used envelopes for either purpose are the commercial style 6 1/4, 6 3/4, or 9. Another frequently used-style is the remittance flap (Collection) style.


    All envelopes with the “open end” flap are called catalog.


    Is the permanent seam that is located approximately in the center of the envelope running from the bottom fold and seam up through the envelope and terminates at the throat.


    These are the most common business style envelopes. They are “open side” of diagonal or side seam construction. Applies to a wide range of sizes from 6 1/4 through 14 – both regulars and window envelopes.


    A term applied to envelopes when their flaps are folded down against the back of the envelope. Most envelopes are packed in boxes in this fashion. It is opposed to flaps extended.


    The term applied to an envelope having a panel or panels cut out of the face or back or both and not having a covering over the panels.


    A seam running diagonally from the bottom fold and corner upward toward the throat of the envelope.


    This term is used to describe a condition of leaving the seal flaps in a vertical position (not folded down).


    A term applied to envelopes when their flaps are folded down against the back of the envelope. Most envelopes re packed in boxes in this fashion. It is oppose to flaps extended.


    It is a self-sealing adhesive that requires NO moisture. Two gum surfaces are required to create a bond when they are brought together.


    A style of envelope on which the opening is on the shorter side. All open end envelopes are called catalog or coin envelopes.


    A style of envelope on which the opening is on the longer side. All commercials are open side.


    A style of Commercial, Official or Bankers Flap envelope which does NOT have a window panel cut in it.


    A large style seal flap of approximately the same size and shape of the envelope itself.


    There are two types Both are used on the seal flaps of the envelopes. RE-MOISTENING type which requires moisture to achieve a seal.


    type which requires two surfaces of gum and no water to achieve a seal.


    Is an envelope seam that runs almost parallel to the side fold.


    The term applied to the side seam when it folds UNDER the back flap.


    Any style envelope having a panel or panels cut out of its face and/or back which permits viewing a portion of the contents. These panels may or may not be covered. Spot-lites are sometimes known as windows, outlooks or cutouts.


    A style of flap with straight edges and rectangular corners. These are used on A-Style envelopes and square envelopes.


    A large style seal flap of approximately the same size and shape of the envelope itself.


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We cut our teeth on continuous forms printing when direct mail was a young and rapidly growing advertising medium.   Our equipment and partnerships are built for speed and large-capacity,  printing in up to 8 colors and finishing as rolls, fan-folded or sheets.  You will benefit from a full range of critical features,  from pin feed capability and perforation wheels to variable repeats and die-cutting.  Our production team and project managers also have decades of lettershop experience, so your forms will be properly prepared for and shepherded through laser processing and mailing services.     Contact us today to discuss your requirements and objectives.


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Direct mailers know they only get one chance to make a first impression.  That is the role of the envelope – to set the tone for the recipient’s experience.  For the past thirty years NMG has been innovating and perfecting envelope production for some of the largest marketers and their agencies.   NMG’s aptitude and experience includes the full range of styles and features required to cut through the clutter and drive response in  today’s data-driven environment.   In addition to envelopes, NMG will add value and insight to all of the components of your direct mail package.  Be sure to contact NMG as early as possible in your campaign planning so we can streamline your costs and maximize the impact.

Package Inserts

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NMG has consistently exceeded the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturers, earning its role as go-to production facility for package inserts. Capable of printing and folding according to the unique specs of each brand, NMG’s quality and attention to detail provides industry print buyers with confidence and peace of mind. Our range of support services for this sector  include online ordering, inventory management, drop shipments, tracking and fulfillment.