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A Shortage of Trucks Is Forcing Companies To Cut Shipments or Pay Up

By February 13, 2018Uncategorized

A Message from our Chief Financial Officer:

Hello All,

Please see the attached article from the Wall Street Journal (below). Now more than ever it is extremely important to satisfy our customers’ needs, not only from a production standpoint, but a budgetary standpoint. Currently, we are seeing volatile fluctuations when quoting freight for our customers. The attached article below lends some insight to the cause of these variations.

We are doing our best as a company to set realistic expectations for our customers and please keep this in mind when quoting freight to your customers. The price you get today may very well be off from the actual price when you call to schedule your pick-up/delivery.

Just thought we would share this recent information with all of you. Best wishes and we hope you continue to have a successful 2018!




Mike Bradley

Chief Financial Offier

NMG Corporation

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